Quenton Elliott Jewelers

Made to Order since 1955


  • Made-To-Order jewelry– original design and fabrication of fine jewelry and accessories tailored to each customer’s ideas and aesthetics, from concept to completion
  • Custom jewelry design & redesign
  • Reinventing and remaking dated, passed-down or inherited jewelry and gemstones, to create beautiful new and wearable items
  • QE branded artisan-crafted creations
  • Appraisal of gems and fine jewelry – USPAP compliant

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We strive to provide the highest quality and service for our clients. With that in mind, we are only available by appointment.

To schedule your appointment, contact us at (713) 528-1641 or email info.qemto@gmail.com.

Custom Jewelry Design

People create custom jewelry designs for many reasons, but we commonly meet individuals that have inherited family jewelry that needs an update. The jewelry is important to them since it was inherited, but maybe it isn’t their style – it’s outdated or in a metal that isn’t their favorite. That’s a great opportunity to create a custom design. At Quenton Elliott Jewelry, we love to handle your important or special jewelry that simply needs to be re-manufactured. You can really make it your own, while still honoring the gemstone.

Jewelry Redesign & Renovations

Have you inherited jewelry or gems? Or received a gift that doesn’t seem like your style? No matter the value of these gems or jewelry, we know you likely will only wear jewelry that fits your style.

Quenton Elliott Jewelers of Sugar Land, TX can help redesign or renovate your jewelry. We can create a spectacular new “look” that can again be worn knowing that you have a piece of history – the elements of mom’s jewelry on your finger or around your neck.

Family-owned Jewelry

Quenton Elliott Jewelers is a family-owned jewelry business in Sugar Land, TX, specializing in custom made jewelry, redesign and renovations of heirloom jewelry, custom estate, and trophy jewelry.

Custom jewelry design and service since 1955

Quenton Elliott Jewelers began in the mid-1950s in Houston, Texas. For many years, we operated a full-service store on Ferndale in Houston.  Now located in Sugar Land, TX, this second-generation, family-owned company continues to serve Texans with professional, personalized customer care and outstanding product quality. Throughout its years in business, Quenton Elliott Jewelers has also developed trusted relationships with world-renowned gem cutters and importers of colored gems and diamonds, ensuring we can find almost any stone you want.

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