5 Styles of Waldemar Rings now online

Quite a few of our clients are former Waldemar campers, and since the 1970s, Quenton Elliott Jewelry has been creating memorable rings out of Waldemar All-Stars.

What styles are available?

We offer 5 styles of settings for the Waldemar ring:

  • classic
  • rope shank
  • signet style with rope
  • swirl basket with reverse shank
  • open basket with four wire twist shank

Classic ring is the most popular way to wear a Waldemar All-star ring. We can even do custom designs – with diamonds, colored gems, and alternate metals. Call us to set-up an appointment.

See photos of all 5 styles of Waldemar Rings in our collections.

How to order your Waldemar All-Star Ring

You must send us your Waldemar All-star before we can start your ring.

Contact us at info.qemto@gmail.com or (713) 528-1641 for pricing and information on how to deliver your All-star.

See photos of all 5 styles available for Waldemar Rings