About Us

Quenton Elliott Jewelers is a family-owned jewelry business in Sugar Land, TX, specializing in custom made jewelry, redesign and renovations of heirloom jewelry, custom estate and trophy jewelry.

Custom jewelry design and service since 1955

Quenton Elliott Jewelers began in the mid-1950’s in Houston, Texas. For many years,we operated a full-service store on Ferndale in Houston.  Now located in Sugar Land, TX, this second-generation, family-owned company continues to serve Texans with professional, personalized customer care and outstanding product quality. Throughout its years in business, Quenton Elliott Jewelers has also developed trusted relationships with world-renowned gem cutters and importers of colored gems and diamonds, ensuring we can find almost any stone you want.

Our professional services include:

  • Made-To-Order jewelry– original design and fabrication of fine jewelry and accessories tailored to each customer’s ideas and aesthetics, from concept to completion
  • Custom jewelry design & redesign
  • Reinventing and remaking dated, passed-down or inherited jewelry and gemstones, to create beautiful new and wearable items
  • QE branded artisan-crafted creations
  • Appraisal of gems and fine jewelry – USPAP compliant

Our Mission

At Quenton Elliott Jewelers our greatest validation is a happy customer. This comes only through a process of working with the customer to understand their vision and desire, paired with our expertise and knowledge of design, metals, gemstones and techniques. Whether engagement and wedding jewelry, or crafting wearable art that reflects the uniqueness of the individual, we are committed to providing professional integrity, phenomenal customer service and outstanding custom jewelry.

About Quenton Elliott Jr.

photo of Quenton Elliott Jr.

Some of my earliest memories are of my father at the bench. A master hand engraver, master watchmaker and inventor, I remember vividly remember, sitting on my dad’s shoulders and watching his hands as he worked. My mother possessed a keen artistic aesthetic as well, and together, they nurtured my passion for drawing and designing.

Throughout my school years, I worked part-time at my father’s business. My dad and other craftsmen taught me general jewelry repair and hand fabrication techniques. I also learned wax carving and modeling, precious metals casting, finishing and mold making for production work. This opened an entirely new creative world I was eager to explore. Following alongside my dad as he worked with vendors and gem dealers, I was introduced to the wonderful world of colored gemstones and the science of gemology.

After college, I attended the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in California in 1976, and earned my Graduate Gemologist degree in residence.

My career has taken me through many areas and stages of gems and jewelry industries, to my current passion. I was constantly looking for inspiration, that one thing that would truly make me happy. I finally decided:

The traditional way is not for me.

That meant that after working in the industry for 40 years, I am returning to my first real passion:  designing and creating made-to-order custom jewelry, trophy jewelry, and all manner of unique original items. I am inspired by the odd, the exotic, and the wonderfully strange in our world. And designing jewelry with these motifs brings me the most joy and satisfaction. For those who are similarly inspired, I invite you to see how I interpret the beauty and strangeness of our world through design.

Business Hours

10am-6pm, Monday – Friday

By Appointment Only

(713) 528-1641

Shipping and Return Policy

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