Jewelry Redesign & Renovations

Have you inherited jewelry or gems? Or received a gift that doesn’t seem like your style? No matter the value of these gems or jewelry, we know you likely will only wear jewelry that fits your style.

Quenton Elliott Jewelers of Sugar Land, TX can help redesign or renovate your jewelry. We can create a spectacular new “look” that can again be worn knowing that you have a piece of history – the elements of mom’s jewelry on your finger or around your neck.

For example, a client of ours wanted to have grandmother’s bracelet redesigned into keepsake jewelry for her grandchildren. We separated the bracelet links and repurposed them as rings. Read more about this story and see pictures of the final product.

What is the process to redesign or renovate your jewelry? First, we begin with a conversation. Quenton will ask questions to understand what you like and don’t like about the jewelry. He will ask how you imagine wearing the final piece. For example, should it be versatile enough to wear every day? Or do you want a statement piece for special events?

After Quenton understands your goals for the redesign, he will prepare design sketches for your approval. The process can be quite simple; even if you don’t know what you want, Quenton can help guide the process to help create the perfect piece. Jewelry redesign and renovation is very similar to our process for custom jewelry design. Click to read more about the jewelry design process.