The “next generation” of Quenton Elliott Jewelry

“I never wanted to reach the end of my life and have regrets…
this [design] is what I’ve always wanted to do.” – Quenton Elliott Jr.

Geometric agate necklace custom jewelry designed by Quenton Elliott Jewelry

No matter your style, Quenton Elliott Jewelry can help design your perfect piece of jewelry, like this geometric agate necklace.

Quenton Elliott Jewelry of Houston, Texas is a family-owned and operated business that has been in the family for generations – and is now serving its third generation of clients.

“We are working with the 3rd generation of clients, going back to families that my dad worked with in the ‘50s,” said Quenton Elliott Jr. “And we have stood the test of time.”

For many years, a shop on Ferndale has been home to Quenton Elliott Jewelers. But the new era of Quenton Elliott Jewelry is focused on junior’s passion – design.

Instead of its traditional storefront, Quenton Elliott Jewelry now offers a personalized, customer-focused approach to custom design and made to order jewelry. The company also specializes in redesign and renovation of existing jewelry, estate and trophy jewelry, and its own branded merchandise and custom designs with a handcrafted line of charms.

Quenton loves to work with your important and unusual stones, with a style that leans toward the classic but with a modern twist. When you inherit family heirlooms, the stones may have sentimental value but the design needs updating to fit your personal style. That’s where Quenton’s design expertise comes in.

To design pieces that people love, “I believe if you are going to produce something, it needs to have a certain level of quality & craftsmanship,” says Quenton.

With quality and an increased emphasis on clients in mind, Quenton Elliott Jewelry is available by appointment. Quenton will take select jewelry repair – please call to discuss your project.

Accepting appointments Tuesday – Friday from 10am to 6pm
Other times available by appointment

(713) 528-1641