A wedding ring redesign to honor 34 years of marriage

I’ve known the Williamson family for more than 30 years. Our kids grew up together. We lived in the same neighborhood, twice. We shopped for our current homes together. And Meg and I were the first ones at their home after we got the early morning call that Mark died.

Fast forward a few years, and Mark’s widow, Carin, stopped wearing her wedding ring. But she didn’t want stop honoring Mark. Instead, she wanted to redesign her wedding ring into a new piece that she could wear.

Carin gave us her original wedding ring, the ring Mark gave her on their 13th wedding anniversary, and a simple idea – wrap around the diamond, similar to a high school class ring.

I sketched an idea featuring the marquise diamond, got Carin’s approval, and conspired the rest with her children so the final product would be a surprise.

I used the marquise diamond, as it was, for the centerpiece of the new ring, and pulled small diamonds from the original ring. After that, we trade diamonds for ones that were more suitable for the new design, in the same weight and correct size.

The final product needed to be great because this family is so special to me. As a personal gift, I supplied the final diamonds needed to complete the ring. To give it a more modern look, we used the smelting process to turn the yellow gold to white gold.

The smelting process is where you melt the gold down to its pure form. The liquid gold then goes through the alloy process to change the tint of the gold from yellow to white.

In the end, I was so happy with the final product. The ring is modern and yet still classic. And, of course, it holds sentimental value since it utilizes the same gold and same diamonds that Carin has worn for many years. Carin’s son surprised her with the ring at work, and she hasn’t stopped bragging about it since.

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